Programming Languages to Avoid and Learn in 2022.

Posted by gytism on 2022-01-25 20:13



Typescript— Most used, versatile, easy, large developer community and WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere), scripting, frontend, backend, ML(be aware of its dependency hell). Python — easiest to learn, wide application (backend, ML, data science, visualization, scripting, hacking), adoption continues to grow. Kotlin/Swift — versatile, simplification of existing native app development. C# — Platform agnostic, simple, general-purpose language, can be used to develop any type of application, game development, VR, AR. Go — solves scalability issues, simple elegant code, easy to learn, the language of the cloud, DevOps, backend, servers. YOU SHOULD CONSIDER Java — big data, in high demand worldwide, enterprise king, the core language of industry-standard tools like Apache Kafka, spark, hive, etc. R — statistics, ML, Data Visualisation, slow and data-intensive. Dart — One codebase for Android, iOS, Web App, Desktop/Laptop Programs, Linux Programs, embedded. Flutter. Rust — memory management, Linux kernel, highest pay. YOU SHOULD NOT CONSIDER Ruby — better tools are available now. (Sidenote: Github, Gitlab are written in Ruby on Rails framework, and still the first choice of many startups for easy MVP and fast deployment) PHP — lacks good debugging tools (compared to other languages), relatively low pay, still extensively popular, tough competition from python. [Earlier versions of PHP paid less attention to security features, presently, it’s as robust as any other language] C++ — bridge b/w LLP and HLP, memory unsafe, game engine development, OS level, embedded, fintech, trading. Super-new and very niche-specific languages which do not have a healthy community.[For more on that, please refer to the end of the article]